Monday, August 17, 2009

I find it hard to believe that as I write this I am but hours away from finishing the summer semester. It seems it was just yesterday that I posted my first LIS 725 commentary to my blog.

It's hard not to reflect on all I have learned this summer semester. It's almost overwhelming when I include my leadership class in addition to my curriculum class. But one thing flowed consistently between both classes--I learned as much from my colleagues as I did from my instructors. I am grateful for this opportunity. Real world experience adds much to theory, and only in this stage of a grad program could I be surrounded by so much.

Wrapping up my interdisciplinary unit, I've had time to reflect on that experience as well. With the teacher blood that runs through me, I loved nearly every minute of creating this unit. If only I could fill all my days in the same way! I enjoy working through the details in my mind of how the children will process my instruction, what sort of obstacles we'll face, how excited they will be at their own learning. It was a great "gear-up" as I head back to my media center, anxious for the new beginning this school year will bring. Until then, I'll enjoy my precious 3 days of just being the mom of two excited middle schoolers. Farewell summer and welcome fall!


  1. Having spent more time with you this summer than my family....I concur! The summer as been intense and I am just now able to start processing it all.

    You are 100% correct that the dialogue in both classes this summer made both sessions more meaningful.

    One of the things I think makes the library program at Dominican such a good one is that we are lucky to get practitioners and not theorist for instructors. I could not have imagined instructors in this program that did not have the real world experience that all of our professors have had. It is that body of knowledge that is so valuable; far more valuable than anything I have read in any textbook.

  2. Thanks for being willing to share your insight as a practitioner this summer. Every situation is different and having those experiences to share adds a richness and depth to the courses.

    Enjoy your precious few days with you children and have a wonderful school year. Even though I haven't spent as much time preparing for school as I usually do, I'll kick it into overdrive in the next few days. There is something so exciting about new beginnings, and I love to get back to working with the kids (and my co-workers) once again!

  3. Serena, I learned a ton from you. I also appreciate all that you shared. I will be avoiding some pitfalls due to your warnings! You've helped me learn to stand up for myself.
    I am also so glad, Teresa, that our instructors are "in the field." I was frustrated in undergrad that many of my professors had been out of the classroom for years and years. They weren't always practical in their suggestions. Knowing that Erin was heading back to school in the fall to do the job we were learning about gave her tons of "street cred!"